Traffic is a prime issue in both Leaside and Wynford-Concorde. In addition to the amount of construction along the Eglinton corridor, traffic is being funnelled into both of these communities for various reasons. I will bring the Leaside Transportation Committee along with their Wynford-Concorde counterparts together with city transportation, the road user safety division at the Ontario ministry of transportation, and police services to address the issue and develop a plan of action to tackle this problem.

Basement Flooding in areas of Leaside and Bennington Heights. While there is a study being conducted in Leaside, the streets that we know experience repeated flooding need to be looked at urgently by a construction engineer, rather than waiting for yet another study to be completed.

Development. while we welcome new development and residents to our neighborhoods we need to be cognizant of the impact on the existing community. As your counselor I would introduce the development permit system (DPS) to Leaside, Bennington Heights and Wynford-Concorde, not just to industrial areas. The system addresses local planning issues and reflect local character and distinctiveness through the creation of comprehensive vision for the community.

Development Fees (Harnessing Section 37 Benefits).  With the amount of development happening and planned, A significant amount of money achieved through section 37 of the Planning Act, will flow to the city. I am committed to ensuring this money is put to work improving our ward. I will use a participatory budgeting process that involves all work residents in helping to determine where and how these funds are used to better our community.

Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park have very unique needs. We need to support a Toronto youth strategy that engages our youth, provide skills training and promote education. Both areas need employment and infrastructure improvements to enhance the neighborhood. We also need more robust seniors programs and a drop in center that provides services and activities for all seniors such as the Filipino Seniors Association, South Asian Seniors Association and the Pakistani Seniors Association amongst others.

Wynford-Concode has seen a boom in development. I will convene public meetings with various developers in the area so that residents finally know the scope of developments, it's traffic implications and the effect on their community. Involving the community in the planning process at earlier stage done legislatively required Will help developers understand and make adjustments to accommodate all stakeholder expectations and concerns.

These are but a few of the challenges our ward faces. Every community, and every neighborhood has its own particular challenges and concerns. I believe an open door approach is the most effective method to ensure all residents can have their voices heard. Community groups, ratepayer associations, Business groups and all others Will be welcome and heard in my Ward 26.

"Ward 26 deserves a collaborative & inclusive Councillor that truly represents the views of residents at City Council."

"I believe residents should be included in the planning approvals process earlier than the Planning Act requires."

"I believe everyone deserves a voice in building our city."

"A government is for its people. I believe in an open door approach to each and every resident."

"If elected I will devote one day of every week as a Constituency Day for the residents of Ward 26."